Purchasing, Accounts Payable & Travel

For general instructions on using Acrobat E-forms version click HERE

Authorization for Electronic Vendor Payments  (ACH_PymtForm.pdf)

Business Associate Agreement (UI_BAA_temp_0.docx)

Conflict Disclosure Statement  (ConflictDisclosureStmt.docx)

Consignment Form (UIHC) (UIHC_consignmntForm.pdf)

Data Warehouse Access

  • Request access on Self-Service. 
  • Select Administration Tab, then “Data Warehouse Access Form” under Forms section.

Delegation of Signature Authority Form  

Direct Deposit Form

  • Changes can be made on Self-Service. 
  • Select Personal Tab, then Set Up/Change Direct Deposit under the Payroll section. 
    • Options include:  Payroll, Benefits, Accounts Payable, and Travel Reimbursement

Equipment on Loan or Demonstration Agreement Form  (eldaf.pdf)

Flood Justification Form (FloodJustificationForm.xlsx) 

Inter-Departmental Requisitions

Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure ( Conflict of Interest Vendor payments over $2K)

PeopleSoft Decision Support System Access Request Form (psdss_request.pdf)

ProTrav Web Application Access Request Form  (FOdataAppl.pdf)

PCard Limit Increase Request  (PCard_Limit_Rqst.pdf)

Product Donation Forms  (ProductDonation_under5K.pdf)

Product Donation Forms   (ProductDonation_over5K.pdf)

Professional Services Agreement (psa.docx)

ProTrav Acknowledgement of Expenses (Non-UI Travelers)  (NonUITrvlr.pdf)

Research Subject-Substitute W-9 (RsrchParticipant_SubW9.pdf)

Sole Source Purchase Justification  (solesrc.pdf)

Subaward Sole Source Purchase Justification  (SubawardSoleSource.pdf)

Tax Exempt Certificate (tax_exempt_cert.pdf)

Tax Exempt Form (Iowa Sales) (iowa_sales_tax_exempt.pdf)Vendor Application Form (VAF) (UIVAF.pdf)

Vendor Change Request - For Name, Address, Tax ID, and ACH Changes (VendorChg.pdf)

Vendor Evaluation

W-9 (University of Iowa) | IRS Employer's Identity Number: 42-6004813 | HHS Entity Number: 1-42-6004-813-A1(W9.pdf)

W-9 (Blank) | For Individuals (W9_blank.pdf)

Wire Transfer Form  (WireTransForm.pdf)